Silversmith Gregers Holt

Gregers portræt

Gregers Holt, born in 1960 in Roskilde, educated silversmith from Georg Jensen Silversmithy in 1982.

Born and raised in an active and creative home, his mother a sculptor from Danish Art Academy, Gregers´sence of design and shape was challenged from the very beginning.

Gregers´interest in tableware became instant when he saw the first exhibition of the Silversmith Group in 1976 in Copenhagen. Gregers decided to become a silversmith himself. He wanted to master the noble metal and create beautiful objects which could be used every day - year after year.

In 2006 Gregers and his wife bought the old silversmithy Evald Nielsen..... The goal was (and still is)  to re-create fine silverware of the highest quality. Made from old Evald Nielsen drawings and designs. Also new and modern silverware is being produced at the workshop today.

Professional life of Gregers Holt:

1978 1982  Starts apprenticeship at Georg Jensen Silver in
- 1982  Finishes his apprenticeship as hollowware silversmith
 with top prize!
1982 1984  Works as hollowware silversmith and also learn silver-
 casting at Georg Jensen Silver
1984 1989  Works as flatware silversmith at Georg Jensen Silver
1989 1990  Works as goldsmith with Georg Jensen top-designer
 Regitze Overgaard
1990 1991  Works as flatware silversmith at Georg Jensen Silver
1991 1995  Works as hollowware silversmith at Georg Jensen Silver
- 1995  Foreman at the hollowware & pressing workshop at Georg
 Jensen Silver
- 1998  Additional foreman at the flatware, grinding-, plating- &
 enamel workshop at Georg Jensen Silver
- 2003  Starts as independant silversmith with his own workshop
 and in co-operation with Manuel Sjødahl Andersen
- 2006  Purchases the silversmithy Evald Nielsen......

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